Supplements During Pregnancy


Hello, I am Sarabjot and I am pregnant. I want to know that can I take the health supplements during pregnancy. Infertility specialist prescribed me to take good diet which helps to give birth to the healthy baby. So, Give me suggestion for the above query.
I think there might be a couple of posters able to make serious 'suggestions' on your diet perhaps on the Parents pages?

On the other hand the greater majority of us here have much more experience in arranging for the general condition in which you find yourself rather than of the subsequent consequences thereof & thereafter.

I'd humbly suggest therefore that you might try mumsnet or similar for a more helpful range of answers.
^I think you'll discover that Monty's sudden disappearance from these illustrious pages was more to do with the prospects of him getting 'a leg up' rather than anything resulting from 'a leg over'. :oops:

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