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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by aberdeenlad, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. I am at the moment attempting to assist my 16 year old nephew with his application form for the RN and require a wee bit of help.

    Background to start with.

    My wife’s sister was separated from her husband. She unfortunately died in January 2006. My wife and her other sister became legal guardians to my nephew and his sister. My nephew is 16.

    Back to application form.

    On the Supplementary Application for Entry into the Naval Service (AFCO Form 102) Part 1 it asks “Who is in your immediate family†and then gives the following relatives.
    Step father
    Step mother

    But, no mention of legal guardian, my nephew doesn’t want his dad to be classed as immediate family for 2 reasons.
    1. His dad is a dick.
    2. His dad does not want him to join the RN and will do anything he can to put a stop to his application.

    Now the questions.

    1. Because no box exists for Legal Guardian will he have to tick the box marked father?
    2. Will his father be able to stop him joining the RN by going down to the careers office and making a cnut of himself?
  2. When my mum re-married, I was 12yrs old, our surnames changed with this obv. However, when joining the RN, they asked me for a legal name change document, like something to say you have been legally adopted/name changed/ etc by so and so, with out this, no go was from them.

    Not so sure now but i am sure if you are putting down his gaurdians are 'mr and mrs blogs' and not his birth parents, a lgal document will need to be provided.

    Pop down to the local CAB and ask how to claim this, or you can pay like 30 quid at a lawyers and get them to document it.

    Ok as for the below;

    Has this boy changed his name to his gaurdians? If so, a change of name deed will be needed, the father is supposed to sign for this but if he refuses, you can go to your lawyers office and they will do it for around 30 quid, tell them the reasons to why the father won't sign.

    Unfortunately, if his father won't give permission, it can cause problems but if he has changed his name to his gaurdians, his father won't have a say
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    OK from a careers office point of view:

    1. His Legal Guardians are the ones who sign the (MOD Form 486) "Parental/Guardian's Consent Form" which enables him to join the service, unless he actually lives with his father, then he needs to speak to a careers adviser to get a copy of the form, which explains whose consent is permissable.

    2. If he doesn't live with his Dad & his Dad is not his declared Next of Kin, then his Father has no say whatsoever so he can stomp his feet as much as he likes- it doesn't matter!

    3. The AFCO Form 102, supplementary information form, is no longer required to enter service & is in fact obsolete, but is just used by some AFCO's to gain information on the family & financial circumstances. The form is not signed & has no legal basis, so he can amend the titles on the boxes to suit.

    4. Once he's 18, he can do whatever he likes with regard changing his name, joining the services etc.

    By all means PM me & I'll give you my AFCO contact details & we can clarify any issues either you, he or his Legal Guardians wish to discuss. (Obviously I don't have a MOD Form 486 at home).

    You may be gratified to hear that these circumstances are not uncommon.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Again a different issue Jenny, but an interesting one.

    When you join up, you can only join up in the name of your Birth certificate unless you have a legitimate Change of Name Deed Poll. It must be signed by both parents, if they're alive IF both parents are named on the Birth Certificate, otherwise the child keeps the name on the Birth Certificate & can only change their name without parental consent from 18 onwards.

    This one is the bane of a Careers Adviser as many people split up/divorce, Mum has custody of the kids & frequently reverts to her Maiden name or remarries, thinking she can change the kids name- she can't.

    The kids cannot change names under 18, without the Father's consent unless there is a legally binding document stating Mum has sole legal cusody- this is very seldom granted by the courts.. Many, Many solicitors get it wrong, charge £70 for a totally invalid Deed Poll. Often Passports are wrongly issued on a duff Deed Poll & Bank Accounts opened in an illegal name because of it, it causes blummin' mayhem!

    Why does the Navy insist on the correct legal name?

    Well if you sign the contract in any other name you could legally claim the contract of employment was invalid & leave.
  5. Thanks Ninja & Jenny the lad will be chuffed to bits when I tell him. I will contact the Navy office in the morning just to explain things to them.
  6. Ah, right ok, sorry if I confused anyone :thanks:

    I thought it might have something to do with what I had to get but obv not so much. However, still seems like it's udeful, well, to someone anyone lol

    Good luck with the lad xx

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