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Super Lynx!


War Hero

If you are ever at the Army Air Corp museum at Middle Wallop you can see the actual Lynx that set the record. IT was found on the edge of an airfield somewhere as a neglected wreck and I believe Westlands gave it as a task to their trainees to restore it to the condition it was in for the attempt, and they did a great job.

By the way, I recently discovered that the Army has more helciopters than the RAF and RN combined, and I believe that the RN might have more than the RAF..(discounting training ones which are used triservice anyway). Just shows where the RAF's priorities are!!
SCMR Surface Combatant Maritime Rotorcraft.

More powerful donkeys (thank fcuk but will they be grunty enough?) glass cockpit, proper datalink and comms, maybe new radar, crash survivable seats, HUMS but heavy and no tail fold. More composites than you want because you cannot repair them. All the good bits are being kept but some of the bits are donor from Mk8's. The same storage footprint (no tail fold) as a Seaking without the capability.

It looks like Cinderella but look under the skirts and it's her mum, this is a 70s aircraft wearing 90s clothes.

We should be looking at the NH90 but since Eurocopter and not Augusta are the majority prime build so we won't be getting that.


Lantern Swinger
Hmmm, sounds good, but little things like datalinks....are they looking at L11, upgrading to L16, or god forbid, trying to leave a L22 capability in the future?

Hate to see a digital aircraft unable to communicate in the current digital battlefield (aka Apache)


As always the Navy has to support westland. It will be too heavy within 5 years of service, and too complex for a 2 man crew. Merlin was the obvious choice. Nevertheless good luck to the project at least some money is being spent.
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