Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by cornishgolfer, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Ok, how many of y'all will be watching? I know, some will respond with a dumb "dont give a f#*k, so I'll put you down as a no then.

    Some folks watch just for the adverts.......
  2. Been out of the American Football loop for ages. Used to support Dallas Cowboys.

    I will give it a watch as and when its on British TV or download it. Are the Steelers going to win?
  3. It's live on BBC1 at 2300 tonight - I think that this is the first time the BBC have carried it - it always used to be Channel 4.

    Will watch a fair bit live but will probably watch the rest of it on catch-up tv tomorrow.
  4. Only bowl I'm interested in is my wheaties bowl.

    Never managed to get to grips with the rules of the US sport. The breaks were longer than my attention span. :wink:
  5. On a bit late for me, as it it I am staying up past night nights for Mr Kemp.

    Will have to dl.
  6. Will be watching Ross Kemp too.

    Have been told that he has contact with RMs during this series; sadly, that involves him being nearby when some of them are involved in an explosion and there are tragic consequences.
  7. Nothing surprising there for an ex Aircrewman then.

    The Steelers "should" win, Caridnals are very much the underdog.

    Rules are easy, have to make at least 10 yards in 4 attempts, cant throw the ball infront of the "line of scrimmage", (ie where they stand. Laterals, (rugby style sideways or behind passing) are allowed but they dont do that often. Guys facing each other cannot move once they are "set". Only 1 guy on offense can move, all the defence backs can. No argy barging if you havent got the ball. Penalties range in yardage due to the "severity" of the offence commited. Yes it takes a while, live it goes a lot quicker.

    My team, Tampa bay Buccaneers, where the game is on today, play at Wembley later this year. Last years game there was packed!
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I quite like the game when its being played. For a sixty minute game, time between plays, IMO, spoils the game.
  9. Like you said in your OP, I don't give a fcuk. Never could get into it. Too much stop-start and messing around, and they're all dressed up in 'body-armour'.

    Then there's baseball. The yanks make a big deal out of a sport in which in Britain only schoolgirls play, ie rounders.

    And then there's basketball, or, netball for tall black Americans instead of British schoolgirls.

    Yank sport. Wouldn't give you the steam off my sh!t for it.

    I much prefer Rugby Union and Judo, and when it was on TV quite a few years ago, Aussie Rules football.
  10. Aussie Rules is great to watch and I miss that not being on anymore.

    American Football - overinflated egos in tight trousers and shoulder pads - poofs.
  11. To be fair on them, I'd want to wear shoulder pads too if I were about to 'scrim down' a couple of yards away from a 300+ pound guy!

    We used to sometimes play as a warm up before rugby training as our coach was a line back for the GB squad. It was fun for a change but not a spot on a proper game of rugby!

    In response to the original post though - I'll be watching in the Sports Cafe, Leicester Square... Always a good buzz there on super bowl night.
  12. American football seems a bit 'run around, shout a lot, then do nothing for a long time' kind of stuff. I'm sticking with rugby until it becomes more interesting than cricket.
  13. Thinking again actually, the way it has been commercialised with ad's at every break of play pisses me off a treat!
  14. well it was a great game with drama right til the end. Steelers won as everyone thought they would but it was very very tight. Commercial breaks. Thats what pays for the free TV. Whats your TV licence fee now huh!

    And the breaks allow you to get a beer/pee/eat some wings etc etc.

    Biggest laugh I get is the diving, cheating, errrr Gerard on Sunday etc oh and the tiny little tap on the foot and they go rolling around screaming in agony, then 5 secs later up and running. Cheating thats all it is.
    I have never and dont know anyone who has seen that in American football. EVER.

    Bunch of poofs! Tell it to a line backers face..........who's the girl now then

    "Rounders" care to stand 50 ft infront of a ball coming towards you at over 100 mph and try and hit it? Look at all the padding they wear in cricket now. All they wear in Baseball is a shin pad and a helmet. So who's the girly man. :oops:

    Rugby, shoulder pads and helmets are also worn.

    Game goes on for too long..........WTF, obviously youve never heard of a 5 day test then have you numb nuts.
  15. You sound as if you were born a septic......watched the first qtr only, when they announced the teams one guy had the moniker of Willie least his dad had a sense of humour.
  16. nope. A bit of paper doesnt make a differance.

    BUT am just giving a return perspective on the "its just rounders", "theyre all poofs" comments, which lets face it, are just silly.

    If you dont like a sport, dont mank n moan, dont watch it, say something positive for a change.

    My American friends watch footie and just cannot understand the amount of diving, cheating and rolling around when the get a little tap on the ankles. And as for the diving.........jeez, dont start me there.

    One guy made referance to the padding........seen what a cricketer wears when a fast bowler is in! Ice hockey, ever been hit by a puck in the goolies or smashed against the barriers..........

    Remember Stirling, the whinging POM is alive n well on RR
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sod the game, anyone see the porn that was flashed on screen for about 30 seconds?
  18. was that Tim trying to get a message to us?? he is back with the GF again and he did promise us a webcam bit.....................

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