Sunshine and vaginas

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thereverend, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Where should I go on holiday?

    Places must fill the above criteria
  2. You're going to need more criteria than just those two.

    Most of the UK would qualify at the moment.
  3. It's been raining in Hull.

    Ok, somewhere not in the UK. Somewhere with more sunshine than the UK. Somewhere with lots of vagina......easy ones...........with pretty surrounding parts like bottom and boobs and stuff.
  4. Any of the usual chav dumps are great for trapping a sunburnt Northern slag. Shagaluf, Beefa and Tenerife all spring to mind, but for a slightly classier trap you can't beat the South of France this time of year, if you can hire or borrow a boat even better, chicks dig money and nothing says I'm minted like a yacht. Failing that just hang around the marina wearing your issue deck shoes, some cargo shorts, an open shirt and a stolen CPO's cap.
  5. Come down to Gosport - you won't believe the number of cnuts round here.

    Try a stroll round the market on Saturday for even more of them.
  6. I don't think it was that type of cnut he had in mind. 8O :D
    Perhaps a nice Essex girl would be to your taste, providing you speak chavaneese. :roll: :D
  7. I've been to Gosport a few times. I may as well inject myself with HIV and save on the train fair and 10 minutes in a pub car park.

    Fuck it, I don't care where they're from, I'm just thinking I should get my fill before I start at Raleigh. All well and good putting it in the same holes here at home but being male I easily tire of the company of the same shag pieces so I want some fresh meat.

    And sunshine.
  8. Where even the Virgins are HIV positive. 8O :(

  9. You could holiday between the first three posts on this thread.
  10. Steady.Not all Essex girls are chavs and slags.I was chatting one up the other day and she said she hadn't had a boyfriend for 3 years.She was 84 mind :D (still fcukin tasty though) :twisted:
  11. And you can get HIV and a fascinating range of STD's from shaking hands with a nun :pottytrain3:
  12. 10 minutes eh? Fcuking stud mate.
  13. What can I say, I live to give
  14. All the beef curtains you could possibly want. Unfortunately there will be a stack of penises and testicles on display also....but beggars can't be choosers:-
  15. Shoot over to Pattaya and you can bang the taxi drivers bird :love3:

    Failing that there's tons of crumpet in HK. Its one and half hours to Manila, same to Ho Chi Min, two hours to Thailand. All cheap as chips.

    Hope this helps :thumbleft:
  16. Don't matter where you go Rev, I can guarantee that there will be 1 cnut there :laughing2:

    Seriously though plenty of vaginas on this beach.


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