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From the Rugby League ''Total RL'' forum.

Legendary Hunslet RLFC scrum - half Ginger Burnell has passed away age 95.

He played for Yorkshire, England and Great Britain, also serving as a a Submariner during World War II.

Hunslet was his only club playing in over three hundred games before and after the war. He was also a gifted artist and once famously quoted, after being told by an armchair critic that he was no Leonardo da Vinci 'Happen not, but I was a sight better bloody scrum - half than he was'

RIP Ginger.


What a waste. Brings tears to the eyes. Sad.
I totally agree with you repoman!
I had to give Janner a "like" as we don't have a "what a bloody shame" button! My first boat "Cachalot" was scrapped in 1979, and my last boat "Sealion" was scrapped in 1990, IMHO, P+O boats were probably the best diesel boats ever built!

That is all ...............

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