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This question appeared on a (predominately) USN submarine site today:

Okay, all of my Cold War brethren...

Without revealing secrets. WHAT THE HELL IS A PROPULSOR????

To say I was surprised is putting it mildly. But wait, it seems the Merryguns have just INVENTED the propulsor. This is one of the first replies:

It is a new design for the propeller used on Seawolf and Jimmy Carter class subs. It was tested at the Acoutic Reaserch Detachment in Bayview Id. I was OIC for two years.

It was ponted out by me and a couple of other RN types that we'd been using them for 30 or 40 years. Even suggested they could have saved a lot of R&D dollars by just asking nicely!

Other news, America captures first Enigma machine.
Remember the trouser legs, the sceptics said they had sorted it out years before, we asked nice and they said sod off?
The propulsor is somfink that sits aft of and above the egg-whisk, every one knows that?

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