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Yanks did something similar to the Amphion off of Panama, Helo dropped fish bounced off of us, there wasn't a lot of humour around, we surfaced in a hurry, as it turned out for the last time, the impact had fecked several things, not least the foreplanes. The idiot that set the fish up forgot to set the aim off angle (or whatever)
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Helo dropped PPH (?) from another site, no other details.
The reason I asked is that we were doing Sting Ray trials at AUTEC in the late 80's using one of our T boats as a target* - the software on the TVT was supposed to cause it to miss the submarine but one of ours hit it :oops:

The submariners were apparently not happy bunnies, (understandably!), and requested our chippy's assistance to help with repairs.
I don't think this is a picture of that particular incident though, (not a T boat?).

* yeah, I know... :rolleyes:
We were AUTEC targets for the septics, when they fired at us out skipper did some handbrake turns whilst blowing bubbles, for the no submarines, the submarine equivalent of top gun stopping and disappearing in midair. Sceptics not happy wanted to know what our skipper was playing at. His reply, the trials did not say he could not avoid, he also mentioned, they were given our course, bearing, depth and speed, if you couldn't hit me with that info you have no chance in the real world, or words to that effect, sceptics still not happy.
I was ashore doing trials on Andros for a month - it was hell on Earth.

NOT! It was brilliant!
Funny you should mention that , I spent about 3 weeks there. I liked the back of there local info in the cabin, there are lots of poisonous things in this Island, if something bites you, catch it so the doc knows which antidote to give you? I was told 2 things to there gym or drink, never found the gym.
Agree it was a great place to catch a bit of R&R whilst the boat was out on the range, bonus a true tax free place, made the booze almost free?:p

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