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First look inside Helensburgh's new submarine centre

BZ to the organisers - Long time coming and much still to be done.

Yet apparently not every first-footing visitor was impressed with the X-Craft* on display...

<<...Duncan and Margaret McIntosh took their two young grandsons to the museum on the first day of the school holidays. Duncan said:

“I was hoping to take my grandsons into the submarine or something of interest, but we got a piece of metal in the middle of the floor...

('twas HMS STICKLEBACK*, FGS, which was almost our very first nuc-armed Boat !!)

“It was an introductory price of £5 each for four and there was nothing to see. We were in and out in two minutes.” ...>>


Chum of mine (RIP) was once in the support party for these 4 Boats and his team spent an awful lot of his time shifting 'em around the UK covered in tarpaulin aboard BR flatbed railway trucks.
Window at the back end?
Joking aside, you were nearly right, @Sumo: Ye olde Reso Class DID have sixteen windows midships.

One per Tube at the mid'level they were v thick, circular, glass windows which had to be able to withstand DDTP post-launch.

Classified Rocket science stuff but the MC Computer needed to ascertain optical alignment by having a squint into the innards of each missile as part of the preps for launch procedures.

The cover story for over curious part threes was the need to look inside to verify that each Pilot was closed up and awake at "Action Stations - Missile".

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