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They've been transferring since the mid 1960's.
Wasn't TXing in the mid 80's. Had 4 months off after leaving Turbs and went out there, had a great day at Platypus. They had stopped it due to RN TX's going to Oz for a "new start" and as they did more seatime the wives had no family suport and the same problems, too many welfare cases, a lot left and came home.

One of them was on Swiftsure with me and again on Trenchant. He put in for an ELWE. Whats the address asks the Swain? you won't believe me. Try me. An address in Sydney was given. Don't take the piss. It turned out he had to be in AU every 2 years to retain his "right of residence". Left Barrow Thurs lunchtime for flight thursday night, Sydney Sat morning clears immigration goes to a mates house. Sunday morning back at Sydney airport for flight back to UK. Gets back to Heathrow early evening and back to Barrow for work Mon morning.
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Back to that VIGIL series; today the DT's Top Newshound finally picked up on and outed who had provided the RN SM input, creating waves of indignation & scorn: Drum Roll & Ta Daaa - -

<<... BBC’s Vigil naval adviser is an anti-nuclear campaigner and SNP councillor

Fury as Feargal Dalton, a supporter for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, revealed to be working as a senior script consultant

By Patrick Sawer, SENIOR NEWS REPORTER 18 September 2021 • 5:00pm ...>>

His full report is Paywalled to most RR contributor but nothing new that hasn't been posted here as fact &/or opinion about the wretched programme so here are just two interesting snippets:

From within the article:

<<... Veterans’ fury over Dalton appointment

Royal Navy veterans have also expressed fury at the BBC’s decision to hire Mr Dalton.

Writing on a Royal Navy personnel message board, one former serviceman who served on HMS Vernon said: “I’m sure the luvvies at the BBC are hand-in-glove with the CND-sympathising heads of the SNP on this piece of blatant anti-RN propaganda.”...>>

[See #2,591 on this thread by @Naval_Gazer]

From among the 250 Comments:

<<...Ian Whitehouse
18 Sep 2021 8:01PM

It’s depressing to be asked by so many people ‘How real is Vigil?’. As a submariner, proud to have commanded two submarines, I cannot find a single element of the show that reflects even a minor version of reality....>>
Do you know him Bob? He’s my wee aunties councillor.
Afraid not Witsie, well after my sojourn among the bomber fraternity in the late '70's

There was another 2 & 1/2 WEO well before him (not a CND merchant by a long chalk, BTW) who's religious conscience preventing him from carrying the responsibility which would have been his in the Polaris role. All dealt with understanding & rather gentlemanly and he was quietly re-appointed elsewhere without fuss, fear or favour.

Now about this 'wee auntie' of yours - Ermm, any pictures?

(Just inquiring for a friend who also needs counselling...)