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It is alleged that the 'advisor' was an ex two and a half (sound familiar?) WEO Feargal Dalton who it is alleged has now discovered the evil ways of Trident et al and is a staunch member of the SNP, married to a SNP MP and he is a councillor for Glasgow.

In other news, SWMBO had 'This Morning' on and they did a piece from Oracle. The presenter wasn't having the best time! The guide was an ex skipper and was very diplomatic when asked about Vigil! Worth watching that segment on catch-up!
yeah, I heard that too. Had the distinct displeasure of working with the **** years ago. The entire crew hated him, and so did all of us on the other side. Guy was a complete ****, typical of someone the BBC would approach :cool:


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The words "far" and "fetched" are the words I could use in polite company but I'm only watching now to see how much further they were ready to go with their fetching.
PS I felt sorry for the PO Cook as she seemed to be watch on stop on. I don't think she was murdered but rather dropped dead with exhaustion.

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One of our commercial channels advertised it last night, don't think I'll bother - most of the armed forces military fiction or shows in which actors portray the armed forces is crap anyway,
Meanwhile, coming to you soon - A ban on boat's black bunting...?

<<... Maria Lambert said Breckland Council told her to remove the skull and crossbones after a complaint was made on August 24. Officials then investigated and changed their minds, saying it could stay.

The 62-year-old care worker, of Foulden in Norfolk, told The Sun: 'It's not like it's damaging anyone's health. I have it up for fun. It is a laugh for the kids and it makes the garden look nice.'...>>

Phew, apparently CDF prevailed - BZ for a rare about-turn by jobworthy officials in today's 'wokingham' circles.

Best Comment with a date for your Diary =

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No comments on last night's Trenchant documentary then.........I thought it was very good
Trenchant is showing her age with all the breakdowns, having served on 4 T boats I'm not sure how a switchboard fire (as reported) would cause damage to the main engines. I thought the voiceover bloke over dramatised the problem was next to the reactor compartment though.

Other than that it was ok.


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We know someone on there. A lot of last night's episode was during work-up. There are 2 commanders in shot at one time and you can see the clip-boards in evidence. It was also filmed with a 6 month break in the middle - remember the (in)famous BBQ? The new skipper looks like a bundle of laughs.........


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It was obvious they filmed over a few months and spliced it together, the casing party kept switching from submarine jumpers to pcs, and the switchboard fire was the galley, also the smoke was from a mini-mist as they took the EBS off far too early.....but other than that ;)