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This line is included in the outraged article by the author. Just a touch of hypocrisy perhaps?

Mr Muñoz draws attention to why the USS Alaska has pulled into Gibraltar, when it could have docked perfectly at the Spanish-American base of Rota, further along the coastline,

Is this a chance to bitch UK/Gib' for any reason, or just a bitch they didn't get the work? Maybe the yanks trust UK/Gib' security better than Spanish?


War Hero
No, the nasty nuclear stuff cannot be contained by the weak Gibraltar air, however, the strong and manly Spanish air not far away is obviously made up differently.

Or else it is just political posturing bollocks again.

Not to mention the potential money involved from re-supplying the boat and the lads going ashore.


I remember it as being called a safety swing bolt as well being referred to as the Thetis clip, but I was only a lowly greenie, who rarely ventured into the fore-ends, as the T.I. was a scary soul! Similarly, he rarely came into my motor room ;)