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We didn't have DOLPHINS or year no 3 or what ever it is -- just a couple of months on A boat and in less than 6 months I was on watch in the motor room on my own --- we all seemed competent? There is a good biography >>Admiral Mendelhall __ THE STALKING of JAPAN .He started a young ensign as war started and he became the 2nd command and "walked the Boat" with people who had done the year study or whatever -- gives quite lot of other detail of how they operated their boats in WW2 even how much fuel used each trip etc At the end of the war he is in Australia and is seated in military passenger plane flying city to city in Australia , when he realised the bloke next to him hadn't moved ,let alone speak , when they landed ,he was found be dead !!
Could have been worse. He could have snored for the whole flight.
^ Aye, very Interesting, but puzzled to see that the SMERAS Tour guide WO, & at least one of his tank top swim boys, wearing their Dolphins on their upper right forearm.


Anyone current care to explain, please?


War Hero
I’m gonna guess that it’s because whoever put in the order for those polo shirts (they’re not issued uniform) decided to get Dolphins embroidered there. Why? Probably thought it looked nice.


Good to see what the new 'tank' looks like, a bit more realistic when on the roof and trying to get into the raft.
Will be going up at some point this year to do the new course, it does look far more realistic, and the facilities look much better (wouldn't take much I know). I'm also guessing the LET doesn't leak like a sieve like the old one did
Still, the tower had charm, but just not needed with the new suits