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I never saw a Chief Jack Dusty with or without a set on any boat I served on. I liked the part where they said the boat had been away so long that when they got back to the loch it was raining. Could have been the next day or even later the same day.
My guess is that this photogenic Chief Jack Dusty was probably from the Depot Ship as the boat's own Cox'n would have nominal responsibility for vittles...(and his cap is far too smart for anyone from the boat's crew!)

Agree on the weather: In the background you can see t'other side of the Gareloch - a sure sign of rain being expected v, shortly.


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Somewhere there exist a photo of a select band of Chiefs (who'd been invited to a USN Chief's house in the hills above San Diego) in line abreast in his beautiful swimming pool - mooning! A classic moment in time......!


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An interesting little video, which, quote: 'shows the devastating effects of an underwater explosion against a model submarine by recreating the effects of a depth charge, but tiny, in slow mo.'


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