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What, cleaning? :D
Even though a few comments have been made against Submariners personal cleanliness, due to lack of water, you would be amazed at how much water can be made when it’s time to scrub out for rounds, especially skippers or end of work-up rounds?


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Sorry chefs are in a league of their own, we were moaned at when first returning to port of patrol, you were moaned at every meal?
'Wanted to write something witty and profound, but couldn’t be bothered.'
How appropriate.


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They are dink ones in Sumo's post, as well as no scales there's also no anchor in the centre.
That’s because I am a smooth dude and not as anchor faced as some? Nor pay a lot attention to detail. Last time I saw my Dolphins they were in the Grandkids treasure box.:p


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The D.S.R.V. *AVALON* being dumped on the back of a UK SSBN prior to a submarine rescue exercise.

Harbour stations and away they went, to try and locate us who had been sittin' quietly on the bottom at about 450-500ft waiting to get our arses saved.

After a draw to select one member from each mess and the bunhouse - I had the pleasure of getting rescued by this and can probably say that I am one of the very few people who has actually "Stood on the forward casing" of a diesel powered submarine some 500ft or so down at the bottom of the oggin clad only in No.8's, steaming wazzers and a rather aromatic white wooly-pully.

(What the control centre of *AVALON* looked like when we climbed in).

(BillyNote). These phots feature a different bomber to the one we were involved with and
naturally - a different O-boat to the one I was on, but I can't find any Opposum/Revenge
DSRV images's like it never happened or got recorded. Go figure.
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Not just the Elmers that can play that game.........

Glad it wasn't my 2001 that got bent!

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As it happens I was on there when that happened, I was on the panel (literally) and it turned out to be my last ever surfacing on a boat. Emergency blow and go with a manual flood alarm thrown in, If you gonna do it, do it with style :)

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