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Presumably there was only one there while the BBC were filming in 1983 during Ocean Safari.
Yeah probably but I was a mere pt3 forendie back then. That being said I recognised everyone on the film ...except the POMA. I have no recollection of him at all.
..and the jimmy, well, he was the one found face down in a swimming pool in Gibraltarmany years later, turns out he was fond of little boys...

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@SONAR-BENDER scary how many of these we were still fixing in our time?



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@SONAR-BENDER scary how many of these we were still fixing in our time?

I'd seen that before, but read it again as it is a very interesting article.

I had one patrol with the photographic IDDs - what a pain in the arse they were! Pre sea checks involved setting them all up and presenting TASO with a pristine picture. My Chief had a piece of film with a perfect picture on, which he somehow inserted and proved to TASO the set was fine.......

I'd love to have a sound clip of 2001 on 'All' - anyone got one?
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