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Some skimmer questions - huge kitbag, couldn't stow all that on a proper ship

diving with torpedo tubes open ??
Posed just for the cameras. No-one took a kitbag to sea. There just about room to stow a grip.
The external tubes were let flood unless loaded otherwise is messed up the buoyancy calculations.
On the 18th of March -

Seemed the most suitable thread to ask this question in...

Would the next bomber crew be quarantined for 2 weeks before leaving on patrol to reduce the risk of the virus on a V boat ?
@buffersduffer - Today, DT reports Yes:

<< Nuclear submarine crews to be held in quarantine prior to deployment to reduce coronavirus risk
Each four month patrol is likely to be extended by a two-week isolation period for the crew before deployment

By Dominic Nicholls,
24 March 2020 • 5:13pm

The next patrol of Britain’s nuclear deterrent submarine will be held in quarantine ahead of the deployment, so as to provide a 'clean crew'.
In response to the coronavirus pandemic the crew of the next nuclear-armed submarine to leave on patrol will initially be held in isolation for two weeks, the Telegraph understands.
The Royal Navy has had a nuclear submarine at sea somewhere around the world every day since 1969. It is the highest priority task of the armed forces.
The MoD announced last week it had cancelled all Rest and Recuperation (R and R) for troops deployed on operations in a bid to protect military personnel. The Telegraph understands this policy has been adapted to cover Britain’s four Vanguard-Class nuclear armed submarines, based at Faslane naval base near Glasgow.
A typical patrol for each nuclear powered boat, armed with up to 180 nuclear warheads, is around four months. During this time the crew will have very limited communication with family back home. ...>>



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