Sunderland International Air Show

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by hnhnwilliam, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Watch this 2:30 min video of the 19th international air show over the North Sea at Sunderland: starring HMS Albion,The RN Black Cats, Royal Marine Band of Scotland,RM Commando Display Team,HMS Sultan Field Gun Crew (no comment on the girlie in the team) A great weekend with an excellent ground support and show from the RN,RNR and RM. Ended with cerimonial sunset and the Captain of Albion taking the salute. The crowds loved it, 1 million people attended over both days:
  2. Beautiful.

    Ah, memories!

    As a teenager, we always used to find a spot on Roker Cliff Park and watch the air show! Living 100 yards away helped though.
  3. It would be nice to see and hear a Sunderland flying again.
  4. Great idea, I am passing this on to the organisers for next year/2009, but before I do, can you confirm that there is a Sunderland Flying Boat still serviceable and flying.Incidently there was a Pub in Fulwell,Sunderland called the Royal Marine but it changed its name to "The Sunderland Flying Boat" and there was a lot of pictures,portraits,models and stories of the boat and its crews.Only last month the pub changed its name back to The Royal Marine, Newcastle RMR lads came to the new opening. I wonder what will happen to the Sunderland Flying Boat memorrabilla. I shall be walking the dog there tonight to find out.
  5. Believe it or not, there is one. Trouble is it's based stateside and hence unlikely to make it back this side of the pond. The owner also goes by the highly amusing name of Kermit Weeks......
  6. I was about to wax lyrical about the Antilles Air Transport Sunderland (well, technically it was a Sandringham after being converted for civil transport) that sat at the top of Lee on Solent's slipway for big parts of '82-'83. I missed her taxying off to Calshot and, worse still, missed her taking off for Chatham.

    I then did a quick whiz round Pprune and discovered that it was the same machine that is now owned by Mr Weeks!
  7. It looks like it is the only one, so I will not be suggesting to have this Sunderland Flying Boat at our future shows. The show is "free"to 1 million people which I approve of, especially for big families, but still has to be paid for, from our Council Taxes. I would have loved to see a Sunderland Flying Boat land and take off in Sunderland Harbour.I understand it can only land/take off on water, the wheels for beach handling only.

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