Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His Axe"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. Re: Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His A

    There was good news for the Royal Navy, with Fox suggesting the number of ships had already been cut too much. “We’re going to have an increased maritime role because if you look at issues like energy security and piracy, that’s already pushing us in one direction,†he said.

    Is it just the way I read the article or is this contradictory. I mean funding for the navy is a good thing, but the article talks about cutting personel, I cant understand how you can fund more surface vessels and yet cut man power?
  2. Was just watching the Politics show. And the interviewer asked "How come leading up to the election you were saying there wasn't enough troops, now you're saying you want to cut them?"

    The guy just dribbled.
  3. Saw this earlier, something bout cutting/mothballing loads of the nuclear subs too.
  4. Well I spose there are a few subs; in defence of that, however im not supporting this. I remember reading in the navy news that trafalgar had only done enough miles to go round the world 4 or 5 times ( i think thats what it said, but stand by to be corrected). It sounds like a lot but for a nuclear submarine it cant be that much? I suppose if they just had 4 or 5 in service and used them constantly instead of mooring them they might have the scope to do this, unlike with the surface fleet were there arent enough ships as it is.
  5. Not really that many of them to be honest. But then, the Tory scum have always been gunning to get rid of the Armed Forces
  6. I don't know, I think it might be the Libs which want to get rid of them more, especially anything vaguely related to nuclear, or trident.
  7. Im speaking in general regarding the armed forces now, not just the subs. Besides, its a Tory Govt in all but name if we are Honest. Lib Dems are just there to fill the gaps.

    Look at the track record for the Conservatives and defense cuts. Not that Labour were all that better either but still.
  8. Imagine the savings if Expenses for MPs were abolished and their Pay cut to a level thats actually realistic regarding what they do. Maybe even get rid of those who arent really necessary.
  9. Mps dont get paid a huge ammount in reality. If they wernt doing this job many could hold jobs in industry (people shoudnt be in politics for money) nd the pay needs to reflect this in reality.
    Expenses for mps ned to be looked at but abolished why? Why are they any less entitled to expenses than any other worker in the UK?
    What MPs arnt really necessary? They have all been elected by joe public and are therefore are all necessary.
    Its easy to get in the MP witch hunt but you need to actually look at the facts.
  10. Re: Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His A

    It is my opinion that when the cuts do come the Andrew will be hit the hardest and I am sure Doctor Fox has a great insight into all things military just like his recent predecessors.

    My suggestion would be withdraw our troops from Afghanistan this year, that would save a few bob and please the vast majority of the electorate.
  11. Re: Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His A

    What reasons do you have for thinking that the navy will be hit hardest. Im not syaing it wont just wondering. People keep on saying it and i just dont see where they are going to cut to be honest. Subs maybe and maybe the carriers i guess but i honestly dont think the carriers will be cut compleatly. And if they dont cut them they cant really cut an more surface ships.
  12. I don't think there will cuts in uniformed personnel, maybe the odd small branch but can't think of any off the top of my head. I reckon it's the MoD civvies that are going to get slashed with regards manpower.
  13. Re: Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His A

    As I understand it the man/woman power of the RN is around the 30,000 mark, some say that you might as well shut the door and turn out the lights now. It is my opinion that we need to keep the bombers in this uncertain world but as to maintaining a surface fleet I have my doubts as to whether it is worthwhile. Of course it would be a very sad day with our proud naval tradition but I will not be surprised if it comes to pass.
  14. Re: Sunday Times: "Troops Could Be Cut As Fox Sharpens His A

    I agree, theres simply nowere to cut anymore. I recon that the 2nd carrier will get cut, along with a few subs, but apart from that theres nowere to cut. Maybe just recruitment :( although after the 90's I honestly cant see them doing that again either because they are still trying to recover the leadership defecit now. As much as I regret to say it I recon the RFA might be either privatised or become part of the RN.
  15. What ever the outcome of the review I hope that this time they match the commitment to the resources avaiable. One of the Broon the Loons achievements was to if anything increase the commitment but at the same time cut the resurces substantially.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    My understanding is that we have 8 SSN. in service at the moment, with one due to pay off in the not to distant future and the Astute class entering service over the next few years. Of the 8 presently somewhere close to half will be in refit or the like.

    Perhaps our two residents experts on Naval affairs yorkieyorkie and Scouse castaway could tell us which ones they intend to cut and how they will the cover the commitments the rest will still have.

    By the way they are Submarines not Subs.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welome back Maxi, good holiday?
  18. If all three services especially the RAF weren't so damn wasteful sometimes then there would be alot of money saved. I know that from experience. Same with the NHS! They waste 1000's eveyday for nowt keeping dead people alive, and the rest!
  19. Well i wasnt claiming to be any sort of an expert on naval affairs as you put it janner, nor was i supporting any cuts. Yorkieyorkie did however. I merely had stated the papers were reporting a severe cut in the submarine fleet as part of Fox's plans. Not really sure why Im getting grief from you but carry on

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