Sunday Times: "The shape of wars to come"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Oh well look on the brightside. Everyone whose still lucky enough to be in the services in 15 years time after they've been butchered by 20% can look forward to a promotion when the government of the day then has to rapidly expand the services when a major conflict breaks out, China vs Taiwan, India vs Pakistan:The Reckoning, Pakistani Civil War, China vs India, Iran vs The Rest of the Middle East, Russia vs Ukraine, Venezuela vs Colombia etc.

    One former admiral was even blunter. “Peace doesn’t keep itself,†he said. “History shows that. We need forces that defeat and deter threats to the UK and protect our interests around the world. If you forget that, you are not going to be any sort of power. You become Belgium.â€

  2. Strangely, there are many in our Country who view having the status of Belgium as an advantage.

    Interestingly, the “cyberwar†argument seems to be that ships, aeroplanes and tanks are useless under its threat. It seems to miss the point that it will be an “as well as†threat rather than one “in place ofâ€.
  3. General Richards' statements in recent times have been reckless at best and knowingly attempt to put us on a path to greater insecurity solely in the interest of maintaining an army ill-suited to countering the threats of coming years.

    He knows full well that a "£30 bomb" has never destroyed a fast jet, an RN ship, any aerial munitions or even for that matter a helicopter. His argument that high tech expensive equipment is ineffective against current day threats is riddled with holes - not least the fact that it has not been fairly considered as an option and the fact that the alternative, lengthy manpower intensive ground campaigns, are not working either! He is fast losing any remaining credibility and the idea that the Conservatives may likely move for him to become CDS soon after an election is worrying indeed.
  4. "Long range Russian bombers"? A bit alarmist! The Bear is a reconnaisance aircraft converted from a bomber.
  5. Cos they are plucky! Unfortunately that won't go far and won't last for long when "push comes to shove"

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