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As some may of guessed that every Sunday lunch time bar straightener there is a discussion of topics that can be rubbish or sometimes not.
Today it was something I have no views about but I'm willing to learn.
What would happen if Canada had a separation from the French Quebec part.
Who would win financially who would win in land/ mass population wise and who would win if it came to civil war?
It's too stable a country I think for that to happen but it didn't stop a lively debate over many jars.
Conclusion? the Anglo Saxon part of Canada would prevail but no-one knows much about it.
It also strayed in to the part where had the USA stayed in the Commonwealth would they still have been the power force they are?
It has been asked before but it seems sure that there would not have been a devastating civil war that killed tens upon tens of thousands, Custer would be at the MOD! and Tony Blair and Gordon Broon would have massive Southern plantations with Cherie playing Scarlett! and there would be plenty of MP's wielding whips around the place just like the Soho clubs!

We taxied home happy boozed up, but still none the wiser!


Lantern Swinger
Y'know, the one thing that's had me wondering about Canada is why the sam hill the French still have any influence at all there?
Didn't I read somewhere that the forces of King George the ploddy plonk defeated the French nearly two centuries ago, so how did they get their smelly arses back in there - didn't we notice?
It must cost a bloody fortune to have all the signposts and placenames done in English and French, so whatever the Frog element might contribute to the Canuck cause in general, they'd save a load of dough by having English only as the national language - or am I being xenophobic?
If the French Canadians love being French so much, then let 'em sod off back to La Belle France where they can indulge in 'being French' to their heart's content!
Maybe they like being French Canadian - I'm sure that there are many subtle cultural differences between France and 'French' Canada.

Why do you speak American by the way?


Lantern Swinger
@ Guzzler; I'm not speaking "American" as you well know - Americans speak English, or a form of it, and they don't own the sole rights to any form of expression within that language. 'Why the sam hill' - note the absence of capitals - is a damn sight better than using 'why the ****' or 'why the fukkin hell' that seem to pass for colloquialisms on RR these days.
@ Streaky - I get the nuance about 'tear from a glass eye', fine, but what is your point, precisely?


Lantern Swinger
Maybe they like being French Canadian
Maybe they do, Guzz, but from my own experiences over there they look on themselves as French first and Canadians second; it might be a fine distinction between the two but that's the way they see it.
Lots of them also seem to believe that Canada still belongs to the French government for some odd reason!
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