Sunday Mirror: On Board HMS Daring When It Arrived As Part Of Op Typhoon Haiyan

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Nov 24, 2013.

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  2. I know some have suggested in another thread that Daring isn't worth sending, however every little bit helps these people and I am sure my ex-shipmates will do a fabulous job!!
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  4. If it wasn't nearby exercising with FPDA member states it wouldn't be the first to rush to the scene.
  5. No shit Sherlock.
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    And your point is, what ... exactly?

    Are you suggesting that if she was doing APT, she would have detached and sped off to help? What about if she was in drydock, in Pompey? The fact that Daring was there, and able to help, kinda blows your snitty comments clean out of the water, does it not? Not exactly sure what - apart from trolling in a pointless manner - you are trying to suggest here. In a similar sense, you could say that if Illustrious wasn't equipped with several helicopters, a large ship staff and fortunately closer to the mission than say - Bulwark, she wouldn't currently be just 24 hours away (as it stands at this particular moment) from where help is needed, crammed full of relief equipment.

    Give your arse a chance tomcat, eh? Or I might just do everyone a favour and draft chit you off RR.

  7. It seems de riguer to have designer stubble....even for a two ringer ossifer........I know its a disaster zone but FFS look the part !
  8. I was more concerned about him apparently teasing the hungry hoards with an apple.
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  9. Nice infographic but unfortunate choice of ship silhouettes, (not knocking a valid effort highlighting good work being done)
  10. I often think are no 8's (4's) the best rig for this sort of thing? Why are they not all issued with some CS95 (or whatever the new stuff is)?

    If anything the mail can call them solders/troops etc

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  11. So long as they have baseball caps all's well.

    *breaks down*
  12. It could be a tennis ball!

    not sure if they're in the correct rig for it though

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