Sunday Mirror: "Just A Blip: Royal Navy Admit Losing £500,000 Radar Unit"

Know a bloke lost a grand piano, and 200 chairs from a mess once.Only discovered on handover to the guy that was taking over from him.Seems some senior officer 'borrowed' them for a function at his home, and 'forgot' to return them.=)
As jack dusty to a minesweeper squadron during a N.A.T.O. exercise I left a kite otter mulitplane on the jetty and forgot all about it. Years later on a nostalgic civvy visit to see the Warrior ;- it was still there rusting away. It was never missed and as far as I know may still be there to this day!
I lost a sea harrier "fill and spill" from my PLR when detached to Wittering once. Some thieving crab had it away! Got back to VL and was presented with a £40 C126. However I (don't) pity the poor crab who was landed with the £700 one for the trolly I borrowed to load the van, and it "cough" ended up embedded with the fly away pack!

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