Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandalism

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. time to take a run ashore en mass lads. same problem in Chatham in the sixties, clear lower deck all hands ashore and sort the fcuckers out.

    UP SPIRITS...............................................SPLICEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The scourge of the evil neds.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Guz would no doubt be happy to house the boats and families
  4. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    I'd happily join you English tw4ts in a bout of ned-lynching :twisted: :lol:
  5. Neds dont deserve to belong to any nation..... they should all be shot..... preferably many times with an air rifle!!!!! SCUM
  6. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    And that's exactly why I'll be keeping my family in Guzz!
  7. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    I can't help thinking that the place would be flooded with Police if it were ethnic minorities getting the same kind of stick.
  8. My daughter lives up there with her Submariner husband, although not on that estate and she has not mentioned any problems mind.

    As for those who are targetting the families, they are are scum and should have their top layer of skin removed and then thrown in a salty bath.
  9. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

  10. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    Because if it were directed against ethnic minorities it would be in the proper papers rather than the Sunday Version of the daily rebel!
  11. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    Its ferking unbelievable,whats the matter with these ferk pigs,i was in married quarters in Rosyth (yes i kow its not Faslane) many moons ago with my first wife and she hated it sooo much due to the ferkpig inbred drunken child molesting pedo scumbags sheep shaging drug taking cnuts who lived there and that was the vicar and his family :lol: ,but seriously jack doesnt need it and it needs sorting in one way or the other,, , , nuke the barstewards, :twisted:
  12. Re: Sunday Mail: Families in Faslane MQs suffer Abuse/vandal

    The Churchill patches in Helensburgh really have gone down-hill in recent years, and I personally wouldn't bring my family to live in any of them. The little sh1ts roaming the place would put you off leaving a car anywhere near there, and I wouldn't have my missus walking around the place in the day-time, never mind at night. And she is a Jock!
    For those of you who haven't been up here, Rowner's a much better place to live, so that really should say something.
  13. Waste of a good pellet and the pollution!!! Baseball bat is best a renewable source. One must think of the environment at all times
  14. When nearly new in the late 1960's the Helensburgh Churchill Estate itself was not a bad patch to live in and compared quite favourably with the run down council estate the other/wrong side of the Highland Railway Line tracks - so there was a distinctly jealous undercurrent against us sassenachs even then.

    But we, too suffered from those neds - from phantom clothes line underwear collecting scrotes, young glue-sniffing and graffiti spraying locals lurking in our porches. Particularly unpleasant for the wives with kids abed and the hubby at sea, as it is now.

    One night a neighbour who WAS at home crept out and grabbed a 14 year old in the act. Michael ***l then proceeded to empty the nearly-full can of sky-blue spray all over the culpprit; before letting him go with more than a flea in his ear. He was the hero of that close and suchlike ceased from then on.

    Sadly, today he would very likely be arrested on an assault charge.....

    PS A Bit Off Topic: BUT - The Hourly local Bus to the 'Burg was always unreliable - Often ten minutes early/late. Drivers anti-RN ? If early they never waited. The Neptune Regs & our own Cox'ns were very sympathetic about such genuine excuses for night leave-nibbled & so 'scale' was very rarely applied.

    No bus shelter + Scottish sunshine = a Regular drenching.

    SWMBO soon learned to drive our motor garaged up whilst I was at sea!

    Happy Days? NOT, and it looks like the latest generation of 'PJ brats of the 'Burg' are even worse. Come Back, Michael B!!!

    Apols to any decent PJs.


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