'Sunday Express' Stoops Even Lower Than The 'Daily Mail'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Check out this complete and utter "NO STORY" that made the front page. the headline was ANNIVERSARY SHAME OF DUNBLANE SURVIVORS when it should really have been CHILDREN FROM 1996 TRAGEDY ARE NOW 18 AND DO THINGS 18 YEAR OLDS DO 8O

    If you haven't seen the article, you can see a scan of it at http://tinyurl.com/bymr6f and http://tinyurl.com/bl9wzn

    There's a petition online now to force the Sunday Express to apologise for the nature of their article on the Dunblane survivors:

    And the petition is at http://is.gd/nJKa

  2. Re: 'Sunday Express' Stoops Loweveer Than The 'Daily Mail'

    Never realised that papers like the Express and Mail would stoop so low and so regularly.

    Front page apology is a must.

  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It seems that according to the Express, they should, apparently, have had their lives forever ruined by it instead of having the courage to get through a traumatic experience and live their lives. That's much more admirable than them sitting shaking in a corner rocking back and forth whilst muttering incoherent prayers to Princess Di.

    How does a journalist have so little integrity as to write this drivel? :? :roll:
  4. Re: 'Sunday Express' Stoops Loweveer Than The 'Daily Mail'

    I'm on that bus too!
  5. Re: 'Sunday Express' Stoops Loweveer Than The 'Daily Mail'

    Been living a sheltered life then, they have been at this for years
  6. Good blog on the subject here, including the passage:

    Be sure to click on the link in the quoted passage. Those who live by the pen...
  7. Anyone got any dirt on Paula Murray? :!:
  8. Click on the link in the quoted passage although it seems to come and go.
  9. I'm proper outraged by both the Daily Heil and the Express, I thake umbrage at the very mention of them on here.

    Disconsolate of Gateshead
  10. A definite case of outumbrage
  11. Don't the Urchers live in Umbrage?
  12. Re: 'Sunday Express' Stoops Loweveer Than The 'Daily Mail'

    Ahh the Queen of Outrage rocks up.

    I take Umbrage to your hint of sarcasm.
  13. This sort of proves my point in the Narcissistic children thread, that these sort of things have always happened but are being reported more now by journalists.
  14. They may have happened but not to the same extent as today, especially where serious crime and generally abusive behaviour are concerned. See my post in the appropriate thread.
  15. Sgt P Band: I second that comment..
  16. The Sunday Express and Daily Express are as they've always been - a comic and nothing else...ex-Express (Glasgow) worker...
  17. For instance, Stewart Weir – who was hit by a single bullet and watched in horror as his classmates died – makes rude gestures in pictures he posted on his Bebo site, and boasts of drunken nights out

    The webpage of Mark Mullan, who suffered serious injuries in the shooting, states he is the “f***y who canny stop drivin in the silver hingâ€, is littered with foul language and features images of him with his new tattoo on his back.

    Others boast about discovering sex. Politicians and relatives of the victims yesterday said they were shocked by the webpages.

    “It is insulting. They were damn lucky to come out of it and they should be making the most of it. Maybe that’s what they think they are doing, but it is in bad taste.
    MSP Elizabeth Smith, Scottish Tory spokeswoman for children, schools and skills, said: “I have to say personally I’m not happy. Some of the things that go up on these websites are very unfortunate and I don’t think they give a very good picture about the youngsters.

    She added: “Can it really be genuinely these same young people? I think it is totally out of order to put something like that on the Internet. It is a bit nasty really.â€

    all taken from the paper..

    they are young adults now why live in the past get on with life
    just living life is going to upset some one.

    but who really cares.....
    all you need is a face book acount to see whats going on in the real world..
    log on you will see pictures of pissed kids all of them having a good time living their lives,
    so just becouse you servived something does this mean you cant enjoy your life and post what you do on a social networking site

    relatives of the victims are always going to be shocked. its what they do

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