Sun: "Woman To Run A Navy Warship For 1st Time Ever"

I know I shouldn't say this, however, everything will be hunky dory for three weeks in every month bless her!! Good luck lass pushing the boundaries
"WRENS make up 10% of a ships crew? First time a woman has commanded a fighting ship, yet it goes on to say she has captained mine-hunters - are they not fighting ships? Sloppy journalism at it's best!
Good luck to her as the big dipper of the Portland.

Yes poor journalism with it's poor factual research as usual but hey ho.
Well done Sarah. Just the sort of person the RN needs driving its ships these days.

On the journalism point, is it their poor research or our poor briefing, or both? Without all the sidetrack discussion about MCMVs being fighting ships, we all know that the first female DD/FF CO is actually quite a big thing, and instead of letting the Sun research it sloppily, why haven't we made something of it?
Stan, you're right, you shouldn't say that, mainly on the basis it's not the 1950s anymore.
So right mate and please believe me it wasn't a serious comment good luck to her, after all I have a daughter who is serving and what a wonderful example to her and others like her.
When I failed the AIB back in 93 it wasn't through bias or my background it is because I wasn't good enough.
So please come down from the moral high ground, on Ark in 2003 I had 25 girls working for me and with just a couple of exceptions they beat the lads hands down, and may I add we were at war!!
As previously intimated, Sarah West has already commanded the minehunters Ramsey, Penzance, Pembroke and Shoreham. Her tenures included several Op TELIC MCM deployments in the Gulf.

I take my hat off to her.
on Ark in 2003 I had 25 girls working for me and with just a couple of exceptions they beat the lads hands down said:
Just out of interest Stan, what job were they doing? A male work colleague of mine (ex officer) said the lasses were better than the lads in the Ops room and Comms.

Anyway, well done to Commander Sarah West in breaking the glass deckhead.
Oh goody, the Mail - amongt other gems in that article, the 2 that really leap out are her attendance at the University of Herefordshire, and her stint as a seagoing Public Works Officer. The mind boggles - anyone know what the entry requirements are for this PWO thing? - might have to rejoin.....
From the Mail

So that's what PWO stands for?
Indeed. Defending Britain's listed buildings - worldwide....
In fairness to the Mail, if you look for PWO as an acronym, it is easy to find the USNs Public Works Officer. What is not so easy to find is the fact that Pwo is the traditional navigators qualification, and we know how riddled Jack's vernacular is with words taken from other cultures.

So, any DM journalists reading this, you may want to change your copy to reflect the actuality.
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