Sun: "Sailor In Outrage At MoD Axe Bid"


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Difficult to make any comment without knowing details but given the MoDs awareness of litigation I would be really surprised if it would expose itself to even the potential for any such claims.

Of course on the flip side there is also the "bugger I didn't get redundancy, how else can I get my wonga?" possibility?
Let's see the text of the letter (with names blanked out of course) so that we can gauge what was actually being said rather than what someone has interpreted.
This could be a case of an old injury re-surfacing and he's been sent to MBOS. Difficult to get the bus out without knowing the injury or his present Medcat.
Even if you are given the all clear at MBOS, my understanding is that you can be recalled to be reassessed at any time of the navy's choosing. This may be just a coincidence that it has happened during the redundancy periods.


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Remarkably similar to the Army version:

Whilst the outraged matelot "is convinced the MoD is trying to boot out hundreds of servicemen and women without declaring them as redundancies." I'm more inclined to think the MoD is perhaps trying to reach SDSR manning targets by any means logically available.

If someone is permanently medically downgraded & not fully deploy-able, has perhaps been previously unable to go to sea on several occasions when required or is only available to take-up limited drafts due to the restrictions imposed by a medical condition, then as unpalatable as it is, maybe that is where the axe may fall. Logically, one would hope the duffers with disciplinary issues are made 'redundant' ahead of those who are in a reduced medical category through no fault of their own.
If its any consolation I was in a position a few years ago where if I really wanted to push it I would have stood a fair chance of being MBOS'd out, looking back at it now I realise what a mistake I made staying in for another 3 years and going out on a 32 year pension. If I had gone I would have been discharged with an immediate index linked tax fee pension plus a sizeable lump sum. Given that the last few years have seen very high inflation I've seen myself off I suppose, the taxman takes me to the cleaners every month.
If I had been fit enough to do tours of Afghan and Iraq then got discharged having not been medically downgraded for several years I would be mightily pissed off though.
Trying to get a war pension is a feat in itself.
We have a potential disaster on our hands all the poor guys that have been badly injured in Afghan and Iraq and discharged will not get the support they require both mentally and physically, it can be a lonely old life being stuck at home with your mates a long distance away and often its not long before you fall off the plot and are forgotten - the bottle is only an arms reach away.
I remember Lck Sam S was killed when Glamorgan was hit by an excocet missile during the Falklands campaign, afterwards his wife was invited to ships company dances etc but not long after she was repaired and sold, the ships company drafted to the four winds - I often wonder what happened to her once the ship was sold

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