Sun: "Prince Charles Launches The 2011 Sun Military Awards"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. The first public opinion by 'Robbed' at the bottom was spot on, 'Let's just hope Cameron and Foxwit don't get involved'.
    Whole thing's a fantastic idea, the more public the praise, the better.
  2. Would that be the same News International's Sun? Whose employees hacked into the phones of relatives of service men and women killed in action.:tp:
  3. you know I think it just might be. Isn't also the same Sun who published a fairly derogatory article about the RAF recently?

    Our Boys my arse. The Sun just whores themselves out for the fun of it these days I think.
  4. Not all bad then?
  5. Thats the job of the navy and the army. The sun can go....
  6. Hmmmm not all bad.Anything good about haking into the phones of the relatives of service personnel KIA then?.
  7. So, can your sense of humour failure be reversed or are you going to live up to your "name" for the duration? My comment was a tongue in cheek reference to a "fairly derogatory article about the RAF" statement.

    Now bore off you miserable little sh1t
  8. Now now calm down and mind the blood pressure,:pissedoff:=-*:binky:

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