Sun: "In A Luxury Bunk Next To A Spearfish Torpedo; Told "Shout If It Starts Leaking"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Is this sort of thing common in the Navy these days? Or is it something just officers do?
  2. JJ1


    Why is the exterior of the sub all pot-marked and scruffy looking? What has caused the damage, presumably it didn't look like that when it was new
  3. I think it's called the sea (and the effect of it whooshing by the hull) and no, it probably did not look like that in 1984!
  4. It's OK anyway if you're below 60 metres and, of course, if you don't push back:-D
  5. Well the intro's not entirely truthful as I was down from the fin after him (followed by the OOW and an AB I think)... plus the boat dived at 4.14am and 30 seconds. Not a lot of natural light at that time of day...

    Oddly, the Sun chap didn't mention Asst Ed's loud snoring, although the sonar operators probably picked it up :eek:
  6. Further to the earlier reply the boat is covered with rubber tiles which either start to peel off or come off completely over a period of time underwater hence the tatty appearance.
  7. Ahem, clears throat.

    Without wanting to give too much away, the 'rubber' tiles (generally called anechoic) can be one of several types, depending on it's desired effect and it's location on the boat. Some are solid, others have internal air spaces and as has been said, as the boat goes up and down in the water column the pressure changes (good old Boyle's Law!) cause these spaces to expand and contract. Ultimately this causes the entire tile to flex and some can eventually fall off.

    Replacing them, especially those underwater, is a very specialised and difficult job. I know, as I used to do it! Bloody hard work and VERY messy! Hope this helps!

    The next lesson will be on the vagaries of 2001 Ph3!!
  8. Interested to note that the boat went "thousands of feet below the sea", She never went that deep when I was on her (thank fcuk)
  9. The bomb shop was definitely better than the messes. I've never managed to get any sleep in those. Body is covered with lots of scrapes and bruises though from getting in and out and catching various bits on the torpedo racks, however :(
  10. Sitting up and nutting the rack above me taught me a valuable lesson!!
  11. SR's upper bunk space for me. Emergency station, off watch, was computer room. Doddle.
  12. i second this, tiger team 1, cheers easy!
  13. I admit,being an old fart, a little uncomfortable at reading two men had got married,I'm not religious so I guess I should shut up,what I question more is the £50,000 wage.
    Is it true that this officer gets nearly a grand a week?
    Seems excessive to me but I may be out of touch with pay rates,shame I'm to old to re-enlist!
  14. Take a look at Appendix 1 of the Armed Forces Pay Review Body Report for 2011. Even a WO1 (FCPO depending on how long you go back) would be on over £48k after seven years in the rank and that's before the addition of Specialist Pay (Appendix 2). This is only in line with their 9-to-5, 5-day week civilian equivalents having comparable qualifications, skills, responsibilities and practical experience.

    However, note that Armed Forces pay has in fact been frozen for two years as of 2010 (link) so the rates in Appendix 3 still apply apart from those earning less than £21k.
  15. I left the mob in 2008 and my last P60 for April of that year was 46.5K and I was only a chief!
  16. Snap!! only I left in 2007.
  17. Wasn't submarine pay just BRILLIANT!!!!
  18. I dont get how the two an a half is only on 50K?
  19. Nuclear pay was a nice little add on for us ME's :happy3:

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