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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hobbit, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Interesting leap for the Indonesians....I think they will be put to use chasing the pirates they have around those waters, that would certainly get their attention, either that or they are upgrading their smuggling skills... :money:
  2. I am pretty sure the Indonesians operated Whiskys a few years back when they had a decent size navy, had a couple of cruisers too.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    During confrontation Indons had a Sverdlov called Irian Jaya. Vic's Bucs were there to take it out if it caused trouble. Indons also had British-supplied Gannet ASW a/c. We had trained a lot of their bods - in '68 after Confrontation I met an Indon Commodore who had been trained in Gunnery at Whaley. This on a visit to Sumatra where the Indon minesweeper sent out to 'greet' us broke down and partially blocked the channel so we had to wriggle round it. A vic of white mice was sent to escort the fast black taking Father to the consulate. Vic leader didn't know the way. Father said that after passing the same building three times he had to make the driver stop & ask directions. Sailors got covered in mud taking a short cut back from a 'hostelry' - through a paddy field. Whole visit was like that. John Winton would have made a meal of it.
  4. They could always have the U534 at Birkenhead.
    Thats going cheap.
  5. While the aquisition of a couple of Kilos is a leap forward for the Indons I doubt they have the abilty to maintain or operate them effectively. From what I have seen of the Indonesian armed forces they are good at putting down internal dissent or engaging in a bit of piracy but when it comes to taking on a proper opponent they have lots to learn.

    However, we should not take them for granted. The Russians may also supply proper training along with the boats and in the future they may prove to be a concern.
  6. Not for long, its getting cut into three sections soon
  7. Gunna be more than a couple it seems and as you point out the ' comrades ' will provide training and no doubt other material . Most likely Russian crews will be involved to introduce the Indos to the games played for years between the various submarine nations . This combined with the recently introduced long range bomber patrols may indeed cause concern . Let's hope there's no itchy fingers on the triggers as it wont be a case of there goes the neighbourhood but there goes the planet. An interesting development though.

  8. I thought they had binned that idea.
  9. Was in Surabaya the year before last Maxi and they have dragged one of the Whiskys' ashore into town and it is now open to the public along with a museum of sorts. It was expensive to go round, so perhaps this is a back door way of paying for the Kilos' :thumright:

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