Sumo's Pissed the Bed

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Seems that today Mr Sumo has been awake and posting on this site since the early hours of this morning. All i can assume from his unorthodox manner in posting so many times today is:
    1. He' wet the bed and is busy drying the mattress
    2. His Mrs has kicked him out into the spare room
    3. He's got the day off and intends to annoy every fckr on the site, thus emulating The Rat and Wrecker.
    any other gueses
  2. Moi annoy?
    Surely not, my kind sympathetic, and very tolerant approach when dealing with the most delicate subjects is known throughout the civilized world.
    Now fuck off you cunt stop bleating drivel and don't pester me its annoying.
  3. All wrong at work and bored, and it looked like no body had been let out to play.

    have to start early to get M&M
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2012
  4. There is a difference you are Rumrat, now cast your mind back to our sparring on previous thread The Last Post
    character called The Rat, but shipmate if the cap fits.
  5. Lying git, own up did you or did you not piss the bed?
  6. You have rum and money, your my friend.
    By the way I still have your book but its packed away in the loft at sister in laws and is not recoverable until the spider season is well and truly over as no fucker is brave enough to go up.
    I tried being assertive and ordering one of my nephews up but he mumbled something and strolled off.
    I think it was bollocks but cant prove it. I would kill him as well but his mom seems to love him,.. strange?
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  7. Your all wrong anywhere so don't try pleading that one.
    Your guilty, I don't know what of but you are so you can fuck off as well.
    God this agony aunt stuff is terrific and I seem to have a flair of making people feel better and solving downers.
  8. Who are you calling annoying big nose!! I represent the caring sharing face of RR, not those shit stirrers like Froggers etc. I've even had a quiet word in Fink's shell like, he's gorn now to raise an Independance Freedom Fighter Cabal in the western highlands.
  9. No a large smelly fart woke me up then I realised it was mine, bugger, then her indoors hit me and called me a smelly bugger?
  10. Nah ... He was granted a Make & Mend with Leave last week so should be duty weekend this one ... or
    he's doing a Billy No Mates and working nights for a bit
  11. ha ha .... HA HA HA "Caring" ... ha ha ... HA HA HA "Wrecker" ... ha HA HA HA ...

    Best laugh I had all morning!
  12. Since leaving the mob, day work aim for M&M on Fridays, weekends off every week, I was asked to travel on a Sunday twice that cost the 2 days off in Looe for each occasion or was that Polperro?
  13. Fcuk Me Sumo ... Long Weekend every weekend! Sounds good if you can get it ... Mind I haven't worked a weekend / Bank Holiday once since I left the Mob and that the past 18 years so can't complain but even I don't get a M&M with leave every Friday! .. Oh and I get Christmas and New Year as well!

    I'm with Tre on this ... only I reckon you followed through!
  14. Sumo
    Please stop using the W word in your posts. It upsets people like rummers and me who took early retirement :lol:
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2012
  15. Ok then by your own admission you may not of pissed the bed but you followed through in bed, covering your good lady with a stool that will have reached scale 7 on the Bristol Stool she out scrubbing the atress or is that your next job?
  16. i think I have posted on this subject before, also whole of Crimbo and new year off no work in between since 1998, why struggle enjoy life
  18. This is the most sensible post so far from you shower of nasty bastards.
    Its a good job there are still decent folks out there.
  19. When I use the W word I mean a place where I can hide from her indoors and top up my pensions, keeping a close watch on time as 12:00 approaches:sleepy::sleepy1::bow::bow: its weekenders

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