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Sumone tell me the pro's and con's of joining the

Re: Sumone tell me the pro's and con's of joining

Re box_of_frogs "trial experiences of some kind" - that would be the PRMC (Potential Royal Marines Course).

It is (or was) a 3 day course held at CTCRM (Commando Training Centre Royal Marines) in Lympstone, Devon. Most Units run an equivalent nowadays and they are designed to:

a. See if The Royal Marines is a career path you want to follow.
B. More importantly - To see if your the kinda bloke Royal want and to find out if you have what it takes.
Re: Sumone tell me the pro's and con's of joining

londonboym said:
I'm 17 and im in college studying my A-levels atm, but i dont wanna settle for a office job thats gonna bore me to tears. So im thinking of joining the royal marines. At then end of the day, a green beret as got to be a better achievement than a degree.

Can you please just try to advise me on what to do, because the royal navy website aint gonna wanna let me know the bad points of enroling now are they?

get back to me ASAP, [email protected] (if ya wanna e-mail me ur reply)


Whats the rush mate?? If i was 17 again i would be seriously concentrating on my education and waiting until i was a bit older before taking the plunge. I too was 17 when i joined the Corps but my advice to you is to think about what happens if A. You dont complete training B. What will happen to you when you eventually decide to leave the Corps. Will you have the educational background to get a decent job or will you go and work for Group 4 doing desk work (back to square 1) GET AN EDUCATION first, degree, A-levels, whatever and then when you are ready take the plunge. Another option is to do a public services course (HND) which will give you an insight into the armed forces and the emergency services which you might decide to go for. Check out connexions in your local area for careers advice or the AFCO!! The long and short of it is that your 17, ******* hell i'd be like a dog with 2 cocks at that age and wouldn't be pressurising myself too much!! Good luck with whatever you do youngun!!

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