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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Well today is my last Child free day... the summer holidays are upon us
    those of you who have school aged children will know the madness I'm talkin off.......
    Mum she said that.......... Mum he said this.... and the never ending Im hungry and the most painfull of all I'M BORED.......

    So over the next six weeks forgive my inane ramblings....(oi i dont always ramble you know!!!) and the sad puppy eyes.. just rember Im sorounded by a mad 8 year old boy ..( whome if he was a bird would never land) and a teenage daughter ( who is taller than me and nicks my make up- but not my shoes her feet are way bigger than mine)

    :jocolor: :dwarf: :frustrated: :slow: :eek:mfg: :geek: :la: :banghead:
  2. Yeah, i have the same problem Josie. Whining that she's bored, wanting to go to Alton towers!! And she's 25 and a bloody teacher

  3. My Deepest Sympathies, roll on September eh?
  4. ok... so got through the first week..........

    only one hicup... sent my 8 year old lad to the shop.... fisrt time on his own
    with a list.... he could not find the bold so came back with carrier bag of sweets instead..........says he thought we all should have a treat...
    well al least i know he can get to ths shops and back saftly... not so sure about his monitary skills though....
    gota love him though.........
  5. Could be worse Josie, my boy has either a Viral Infection or is starting with Scarlet Fever, the Doc is not sure which, mine and the wenches bet if the fever. Oh joy he cannot play out with his mates now, so it is going to be constant I'm bored.
  6. Josie, you really have to admire the lads ingenuity. So young and yet so wise! He is obviously trying to make certain that you never send him out shopping again.

  7. Have you got a garden?
    Then put them out there and lock the doors, only opening them for really necessary toilet visits.
    Food can be handed through the kitchen window.
    That's what I seem to remember from my childhood; the very idea that we could make a nuisance of ourselves didn't come into my mothers thinking.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    JC throw handfulls of green smarties out onto the lawn, keeps kids busy all day
  9. I've not heard any mention the green smartie trick for a very long time. Wouldnt work for me no though, no grass.
  10. wow,,,, and i thout i was getting away with it too.........

    my girl had an accident had to take her to A+E to get her all glued up...
    then the next day my boy goes missing....... after a few frantic hours of searching the streets ,, call in the police......... four hours later my boy strolls in says he is hungry......... he went to the park meet up with a school friend desided to go back to his house to play

    apart from the numbness of it all i was surprised by the fact that the police went thro my home like locusts... all cupboards and clossets where searched,, even the garden sheds... can understand why NOW but at the time did confuse me.........
    well he is now grounded till his grandchildren leave home.......!!!!

    how many more weeks to go!!!!??????????? and will i stil be a brunnett at the end of it... i dont think so..........
  11. Josie

    Just to let you know it only gets worse. If you are lucky your daughter will go off to uni aged 18/19 and never return to live at home "A RESULT". If you a re blessed by the Gods and have at least one Angel looking over you and you alone you will get your son to join up aged 17/18 and be shot of him except for leave periods. If not then you will be lucky to prise him out of his rent free, three meals a day prepared by his personal chef, no TV licence to pay for, heated, own room, washing and ironing maidservant, telephone and answer service, nurse, cleaner, private banker with extended overdraft facility, family car with fully expensed, by others, OUT of your house. Most of my friends sons left home aged about 30. I had two daughters they went to uni we moved and failed to tell them where.

    Of course your daughter will be gone at 18 but you have the puberty, when you well know from personal experience they go off to the Planet Zog for a few years.

    Good Luck.


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