Summer leave


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Ahh ****. Rummers comes back on the same day as me. Please say you didn't fly in to Luton!? This is going to take some explaining. I wasn't in the Septic States of America. I definitely wasn't noshing rumrat off. Much.

I won't tell on you, just drop my grip round later will ya?


Can anyone help I'm looking to get married next august during summer leave,il be in my divers training by then and if anyone knows the rough date and length of leave would be great!!

Back to the question... 'generally' the august bank holiday weekend is the last weekend of summer leave. Training establishments such as sultan and Collingwood, and Excellent, who you will come under whilst at Horsea Island, will plan their terms well in advance, for traing planning and also to run concurrently withschoolholiday where possible.

Although I don't know anything abouyt the course structure of the dive school,i can't see why it would be any different. Friday 9th August - Tuesday 3rd september. You can google the datrs to check, the bank holiday is always Leeds/Reading festival weekend, for comparison