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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smithy_266, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone help I'm looking to get married next august during summer leave,il be in my divers training by then and if anyone knows the rough date and length of leave would be great!!

  2. Bloody hell, you're not even in the mob yet and you're after time off. You'll take to the divers branch like a duck to water.
  3. Thanks for reply really answered my question....
  4. I think it's the 2nd of August to the 2nd of Sept, I'll confirm tomorrow.
  5. Thankyou For your help
  6. That's the Raleigh leave dates, if you reckon you'll be doing your branch training by then it will probably be different dates and probably only 3 weeks max.

    Lots of probably's there, you may find out more during your branch lecture during Phase 1. Don't count on Raleigh dates being the same as wherever you do your Phase 2.
  7. Ok thanks do you think the careers office would be able to find out dates for as dont want to book wedding and not be able to go,
  8. I know this is a bit of a mental idea, but why don't you wait to get married until after your training?
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  9. Who said romance was dead?
  10. Don't know, but such a concept doesn't carry much weight when someone's career relies upon them being available for required training.

    Christ - I'll be reading the ******* Daily Mail next!
  11. And I was right on the dates for Raleigh but what I said earlier still applies and concur with Guzzler regarding waiting until you finish training.
  12. Reading this post I was immediatly reminded of "Star war was I"
    But seriouse mode in, wait you should, until the power of and the knowledge of the force is with you.

    Now I've helped you do me a favour, nip round Guzzlers drum and get me all the old copies of the Daily Mail you can out his dustbin as I'm packing.
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  13. **** me it lives! You been buried for a month?
  14. I've been amongst you're kindred spirits
  15. Super heroes?
  16. :laughing3:Nah,
    Fat yanks with attitude problems.8)
  17. Oh. Comedy gold!
  18. A tad like the overworked age strategy eh?
    But never mind its all comedy.
    Actually Froggy we've been through a hell of a lot of shit together over the last few years.

    You caused most of it.:D
  19. And you were a willing partner!
  20. Rummers a willing partner? I've heard that's what his name badge in the Pink Pussycat Club had on it.

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