Summer leave?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gazbo1988, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick question not to hard it will distract you from your debortary and having the smug satifaction that you actually get paid to drink! If all goes well I will pass out on the 16th July ... (touch wood) then it is a journey of 18 weeks at sultan ... Because I pass out so close to summer leave will I have only 2 weeks at sultan then start leave or will I not return till leave is over ! Sorry for what seems to you daddy Andrews like a ridiculas question but I have to return and finish my college work that I am missing dew to joining on the 16th may!
  2. You will go on leave when leave is granted at Sultan
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I was unsure if it was a definate that you got leave on the 6th I thought it maybe the case you are sent on it when you are told!
  4. All this depends on there being a course 'waiting' for you at Sultan of course. I don't know Sultan's course programme, but it's feasible that you may go on 'hold-over' at Raleigh until your phase II course begins. With leave looming that may well be the case, but as I say, I can't be sure.

    Excuse my pedantry but I have to say it - the word is 'due'.
  5. Yes but he's a bit "wet" so don't come "down" on him too hard. :roll:

    I'll get my coat......... :arrow:
  6. Sorry for my totally unexceptable spelling mistake , I was typing on a iPhone ! A bit wet ... I'm 21 not 12 lol Getting back to the matter at hand... Thank you that's cleared things up a bit! Just one more thing before I go I was talking to my afco the other day I happen mention this website and he said stay off there! Now why would that be?
  7. They are probably sick of people saying. But on Rum Ration I heard that............. And you were one of them!
  8. I know what is said is no way gospel truth and is not the represented view of the navy and it's associates! I only take things with a pinch of salt ! It's more advice for me !
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Leave is when you want it to be.

    Excepted there are windows of "unavailability" but stick with your preferred option dates, not alot they can do about it.

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