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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Is fecking boring so I thought I'd come say hello to you nice fellers, the finger held up by the way and nobody was waiting for me at Raleigh, lead guard in the bag and 11 more days to do once I'm back, I only wish there was more fitness at Raleigh and less knot tying. Oh and my report is apparently so far going to read 'can not pipe'.
  2. Are you by any chance part of the Pellew 10's?
  3. Well it doesn't take a lot to work it out, I've got 11 days to do when I get back and the only class with that many is the Pellew 10's right?
  4. I have no idea lol, Im not at Raleigh anymore, I was making a guess that you would be pellew 10's
    I was part of your seniors mate, Pellew 04's
  5. No I was Starboard. im guessing you are Port. Who won the guard?
  6. Port obviously. Apparently the best guard the PSM has ever seen, but we're the worst that PO Hill has ever seen oh well.
  7. PO HILL says that to everyone as we had him cunningham 06's and he said we were rubbish couldnt march or anything but i think he just trying to make you the best and the PSM always says that to everyone of them
  8. summer leave is shit aint it! im in drake 09 starboard! our first guard selection was so bad they didnt award it to anybody :lol: ! we won it 2nd time round though. we pass out on friday cant wait, you will be on divisions watching im guessing :D
  9. Balls, we are the best ever I know we are.
  10. No names cockfaces, Persec and all that.

    Also, you're all the best guard ever, noone will give a flying monkey's bollock in 2 weeks time though.
  11. PO Hill is a name yeahhh? How many PO Hill's might there be again? Duhhhh. Also it's hardly confidential, anyone brought into our block can see. As for who will care, I will care and so will 31 of my oppo's.
  12. Ooh hark at you! Been in a couple of weeks and knows it all already. :knob:
    You might want to check the site rules.
    Have a nice day - don't get lost or squashed.

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