Summer leave- faslane 2018 HMS CLYDE


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I don’t think I mentioned sun shine at all, longer daylight hours above rain clouds.

@SONAR-BENDER is a Faslane native therefore has local knowledge as to which day the sun may shine.
I never mentioned the sun either! Summer in the Burg doesn't always mean SUN - just slightly warmer rain.

Slight thread drift//

A couple of years ago, me and SWMBO went back to the Burg in August. We left Malaga in 34 degrees and arrived at Glasgow in 11 degrees - I shit you not. It was straight to good old Edinburgh Woolen Mills for two of their finset fleeces! It stayed like that all the week we were there, except our last day. We went over to Luss and the temperature grudgingly dragged itself up to 24! All the old biddies were hiding under the shade of trees saying (in whiney Jockineses accents) 'Oh it's too hot today'!!

My how we laughed....... on the way back to Spain!

As you were//

PS it is 19 degrees here now!
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