summer leave 2011


hi all,
i finish Raleigh on the 29th july (10weeks basic training) and i was wondering whether we get summer leave or do we go straight into phase 2 training. i am going in as SEA SPEC so i'll be going down to collingwood. or do we start phase 2 training after summer leave on the 5th sept? or do we do 13 days of phase 2 and then leave then back on the 5th sept?

Summer 12 Aug - 05 Sep???is this the correct date



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This is by no means the definitive answer so don't book your holidays by it but you'll almost certainly get HMS COLLINGWOOD summer leave dates off (the exact dates slip my mind but it's end of July/start of Aug for three or four weeks). Most courses at C'WOOD stick to the base leave dates. You will find the odd course that starts a week or so early to fit into a packed schedule though so best to ask when you get to Raleigh.


cheers guys, no i wont be booking any holidays, ill take it as it comes. just mainly staying fit!

SJRM_RN what do you mean by 'held over' at Raleigh doing the crappy jobs?


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mat, holdovers are people who have finished one course and are waiting to either start another or join a ship, as such they are gash hands who get employed around the base for various tasks such as helping down the armoury, fire school etc and you make lots of tea.
Mat, I wouldn't count on moving onto phase two immediately as it all depends on course loading patterns and number of people within those courses. Also, I am pretty sure that you do not go to Collingwood straight away as a baby SeaSpec but remain in Raleigh for a 6 week seamanship course on completion of your phase one training.
In that case, does anyone know the leave dates for Sultan pls? I'm supposed to be passing out of Raleigh on 22nd July.

Also, one thing I've thought about is that we'll obviously be the first few classes passing out after Raleigh reopens, so will we have to wait for more classes to pass out so that recruits fill up the spaces within the phase two courses, or is it straight to Sultan (or wherever the respective courses are) regardless?