Summer and Christmas Leave

I know this is a little in the future but not been able to find any information, does any one have any idea when Raleigh breaks for the summer and christmas periods?
i'm not that bothered it is my family who are wanting to know, and i just cannot get them to understand that they will have to wait and any plans they have involving me will just have to wait!!
Xav28 give us all a hint as to what plans they have, are they going to make sure that you finish school? Send you to Big Brother or what


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On a similar note... I go to Raleigh on 7th October, meaning my course will finish on 9th December.

When will Stage 2 start? Before or after Christmas?

EDIT: Just realised I'll be at Raleigh for 9 weeks - not 8 - I guess it'll restart after Christmas then.
hey mate. summer leave at Raleigh is from the 3rd August till the 2nd of september. the reason why it is a month is because this base works through all bank holidays. not sure about christmas leave yet.
That is what i suggested.. going away on our own, thanks for all the info got an email from the RN community website who have advised the following:

"HMS Raleigh's Main Summer Leave dates are from Friday 3rd Aug 17:00 - Monday 3rd Sept 06:45, Christmas leave dates are as follows Friday 21st 17:00 Dec- Mon 7th Jan 06:45. You will be entitle to claim a warrant for your travel home."

Again thanks alot, 8 days and counting until I go to Raleigh!!
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