Suicides in the Army

This is downright scary.

After a posting talk with ninja stoker about 2 dudes being bullied to the point they went awol (ok one of em had a piss test test positive for weed but his mate who tested negative still went awol in fear of his life from his own colleagues)

Army bullying

Anyone heard of stories like this? Or is this just some scaremongering bollocks


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It's bollocks, the RN has a generally very good divisional system. I only know of one recruit suicide in all my time in and he apparently had a history of mental illness.
The measure of abuse problems or the inability of recruits to shake down is not just the suicide returns, but those for parasuicide (attempted or non bona fide attempts as a cry for help). The Victorians started the obsession with official statistics and we have them to thank for the detailed annual returns on all sorts of topics, including suicide/self-harming & absconding. The RN used to take the lead in absconding, suicide & self-harming at the old JRTEs but this has all changed for the better since recruits are allowed to leave if unhappy & with the advent of mixed Junior-Adult training. May I suggest a visit to the National Archives or the British Library. The peak period of misery in the JRTE's appears to have been from 1946-the 1960s.
Like tiddlyoggy I only ever knew of one recruit suicide (maybe the same one?) who brought problems with him. Know of a few in the fleet but none were bullying related.
That's fair enough.

I just found it interesting...on some of the links on that page are some pretty awful phone vids on the BBC website.

I'm sure it happens few and far between...I was just interested on what others thought I guess.
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