suggestions please

I have two goldfish one called Yankey Two Clips the other Zulu Alpha, what I need is good names for the two new fish that have just joined them, all suggestions welcome no matter how daft just look at the names of the other two :p
Re: Pet's on board
Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:37 am

When we were in Subic bay in '69 the septics were buying ducklings from the locals and putting them on this pond which had railings in the centre with a crock or alligator in middle.
Down comes Jack full of San MiG and tiger buys the bag of chicks and hey presto every pussers ship in the flotilla has ducklings.
Grenville (Puff the Magic dragon)
Another Leander which senility masks ( Ajax or Minerva)????
Jesus could they yomp (OLD MEANING)
Before the Falklands war and Brian Hanrahan yomping meant eating.
Rice crispies. They were set free in Albany W.A.

Cheers Rumrat Ajax and Hermes sound great to me, but what was the song Flash by Queen "send in Ajax and ...?"

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