Suffragettes Lament


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They say Down with the skirts and Up with the trousers.
But we say Up with the skirts and Down with the trousers....
Then we'll see things as they really are.
We will not be poked in the Gallery...
We will have it with our backs to the wall
I can only quote Wing Commander The Lord Flashheart back to You. ' Hey. Any bird thats willing to chain Herself to My railing,and suffer a jet movement,gets My vote any day'...:rolleyes:

Deleted 59428

He first said..
Treat your kite like you treat a woman...
Get inside her 5 times a day
Take her to heaven and back


War Hero
..........Up with the skirts and Down with the trousers....

No apologies for repeating an alleged signal from WW2 at a time when cloth for uniform was in short supply:

"all Wrens clothing is to be held up until the needs of the sea going man have been satisfied "

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