Sucessfull Resettlement

Seem to remember all the booties being refused their close protection courses in South Africa not run in UK and half the supply branch being told they couldn't use them in their home Islands as most from Caribbean. limited to only UK mainstream Universities. My original choice was refused as a much more expensive alternative was available in london that didnt tie in with the company placements.


War Hero
Seriously ,Went to BP Energy,started at the Courage Brewery Reading.then as a trouble shooter / Site takeover team.


I thought the hardest part of resettlement was getting used to the civilian workplace attitude of its not my job and why rush when you can coast along at snail speed. Another thing is people making their own little empires, especially not sharing knowledge, that still grips me now 9 years after having left.
I wasn't called LD Sqaured for nothing. Lower Deck Lawyer Dave haha
In 1940, staff and pupils of Lancing College were evacuated to Shropshire. The War Office then requisitioned the school buildings and HMS King Alfred, the Royal Naval Voluntary Reserved moved in. The buildings were soon put to use, the chapel became their "stone frigate". The Admiralty had purchased about 18 Walls Ice Cream "stop me and buy one" pre-war tricycles which were converted into little ships (with the addition of a chart table and compass above the former ice-cream cool box). Pedalling around a mini English Channel laid out with buoys on the cricket field at Lancing College, the naval ratings learned the art of navigation and within a few weeks were at sea. Truly an example of necessity being the mother of invention.

It was said that a few enterprising demobees bought a couple at auction and used them to sell Durex. The slogan changed to Buy me and stop One.
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