Successful Medical Appeal

Good Evening,

Over a year ago when I began my application process, I was declined due to two reported incidents of feeling anxious over a five year period. This began my journey of the medical appeal...

I am writing this today as when I was putting my appeal forward it was difficult to find people with similar experiences, at times I lost all hope of being declared medically fit.

Today... I was finally declared FIT. But it took perseverance and determination as well as help from a professional for written confirmation.

When I first applied last year, my first thought was that I'd be declined due to my underactive thyroid, but when it was because I owned up having a time of anxiety (bereavement) I didn't realise that following that lengthy CAPITA call, I would be turned down there and then. Brutal.

Disheartened but not deterred, I looked to forums for motivation but couldn't find successful appeals on similar grounds. I finished university and decided to wait until this January to reapply.

I returned for an interview, got offered the job and this time my recruitment consultant told me to put an appeal forward straight away. Lesser the delay.

When writing the appeal, these are the three IMPORTANT elements that will give you the best chance at success when appealing mental illness.

1. Personal Account
What mitigating circumstances caused you to feel/behave this way?
How have you overcome this?
Put all relevant dates of instance in.

2. Professional Approach
I managed to get a letter of a psychiatrist who, in conjunction with my medical notes, wrote a supporting note on my character.

3. Notes.
Include all relevant notes
Tip - look for supporting lines. My doctor wrote that my reaction was 'stress' not mental illness. This certainly helped.

After submitting my appeal in March, today I finally got the news. It was a tense wait and I wasn't confident, as I can understand the concerns. I knew in myself that I was well, but I had to leave it to the professionals.

I hope this helps people with previous episodes of anxiety/low mood. It's not always a 'no' and if you are able to mitigate, it is possible to pass the lengthy appeals procedure.

Good luck



I'm about to do something similar so it's heartening to hear of your success.

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