Successful Medical Appeal: Eczema, Hyperhidrosis, Vitamin D deficiency, Shin Splints.


Greetings all,

This post is intended to serve as a rough guide. Maybe, some might find it useful.

On February of 2019, I was declared medically unfit (P8) after my triage telephone call with the CAPITA nurse. The conditions for which I was declared unfit are; Eczema, Hyperhidrosis, Shin splints, and Vitamin D deficiency. Naturally, after hearing the verdict, my heart sank. However, I remember the nurse saying that I could appeal the decision if I wished to. So, after scouring the web, the threads on this website, and reading the JSP, I decided to formulate my medical appeal.

IMPORTANT: In regards to MEDICAL ISSUES, do NOT take the comments on this website as the absolute truth. The people replying to your questions aren't always the most knowledgeable. Sometimes, they are flat out wrong. When formulating an appeal, enlist the help of a medical specialist. Both, you and the medical specialist, must refer to the JSP 950 for guidance.

The position you are applying for may also have an impact on the outcome of your appeal.
I applied for the Royal Marines Recruit.

This is how I went about addressing the various conditions;

Eczema; Along with my P8 letter, I also received a little questionnaire from CAPITA - inquiring about the condition (eczema). This questionnaire was to be filled in by a medical specialist. So, I had my GP fill in one copy, and a second copy was filled in by a dermatologist. In addition to this, I also got a separate report from the dermatologist and my GP. Some of the questions in the questionnaire were as follows;
1. Has your dermatitis ever been described as "severe" by a doctor?
2. Have you ever required Secondary Care for your dermatitis?
3. Has it ever affected your hands?
4. Have you required prescription in the last 3 years?

As you can see, the intention of the questionnaire was to gauge the severity of the eczema. People on this thread will have you believe that having eczema is the end of the world, and that entry into the Navy is impossible because of it. This, however, is not the truth. Nearly every case is unique, and getting a straightforward/correct answer from this website may not be very simple. The JSP 950 is your Bible. It is the only document you can rely upon.

Hyperhidrosis; I got got a report from a dermatologist detailing the nature of the condition - outlining things like; severity, medication, function impairment. Since, I did not require any prescription, and the condition did not affect normal functioning - the report came out looking quite positive.

IMPORTANT (or maybe not): In my appeal, I also included various sports certificates that I earned over the years. They served as evidence, proving that my eczema and hyperhidrosis never affected my daily life.

Vitamin D deficiency: I found out I had this deficiency after I received a report on a blood test I had taken. This was bought to my knowledge right before my triage call with the nurse, and I did not hide this information from her. Be honest. Do not hide anything from them. Sorting this out was not an issue. I took Vitamin D tablets for about a month, and took another blood test. This time my report came back normal. I attached a copy of this report to my appeal.

Shin splints; In the year 2014, I had a suffered, briefly, from some mild shin splints. To prove that I no longer suffered from them, I was examined by an orthopedics specialist, and I received a report on the examination. The report, along with my running certificates, meant no big issue here.

When you have your triage call with the nurse, be calm. Be prepared for bad news. Most importantly, pay attention to what the nurse is saying. After the nurse told me that my conditions were an issue, my mind just shut off. I barely caught the words "you can appeal, if you wish too". If you do receive bad news, don't panic. Refer to the JSP 950. Formulate a plan, and take your time.

I hope this thread helped you. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me.

Finally, I would like to thank @Ninja_Stoker @photface and other for helping me with my questions.

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