Successful AIB, what's next?

Hi Guys,

I've just returned from Sultan in the last couple of days! Had a very successful AIB, in my debrief they said i had a very good score and can expect to start training soon.

Now my Aptitude tests showed very high for observer and good for pilot.

I put pilot as my first choice and observer as my second.

So what should I expect to get offered? will it go on my aptitude or will they respect my high score at AIB and perhaps offer me first choice?

Could it also depend on current needs? and does anyone know what they are currently?



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I haven't got a clue what the process is likely to involve or what the outcome is likely to be. I think you are more likely to get an answer in the newbies forum where our resident AFCO rep hangs out so I will move your thread there.

PS. Welcome to the site and congratulations on passing your AIB, hope you get the answers you are looking for.
Well done on passing. i passed in July, i never passed with great marks but still a sense of achievement! i always wondered what the percentage was of people actually passing for Aircrew.


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Welcome to RR!

Not a whizz on Officer selection I have to confess, although my understanding is that there is most certainly a projected requirement for fixed wing pilots because of the future carrier(s) project allegedly being given the green light.

Quite simply, as you've already correctly deducted, assuming you scored higher than all other applicants in your chosen trade, then you will be top of the list for selection for the next vacancy. In the event you are not top, but there are vacancies in your second option, then you will be offered that particular trade first, if you are top in that group. Question is- Do you feel lucky holding out for the job you want?

The thing to remember is that someone taking AIB & FATs before you but scoring lower is less likely to get selected, however those that follow scoring higher, will be selected before you.

The other thing to bear in mind is that, for example, we could have 100 people pass selection, but only ten jobs. Some simply do not get selected during the validity of their AIB & FATs "pass".
Congratulations, best thing to do is to telephone the Officer Selection Officer, the number will be on the latter you will get shortly confirming your AIB pass, he will be able to give you some idea of how long you have to wait before call up.

Once again congratulations, and remember, the hard work has only just begun!

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