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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all. I had my interview today! I was pretty nervous until i sat down and my interviewer reassured me that it's not all that formal. I passed anyway, which was a relief!
    Mostly it was like a chat, we had a laugh anyway. I didn't have to name a photo of a ship, but i did have to give a few examples of ships and namedrop a few. I mentioned the RFA Wave Ruler as it has been in the news, and i think he was impressed with that.
    Overall i just came across as myself but i was focusing on being positive and on what i can learn. I think it was good because he said i have a good attitude. Anyway, if anyone else is worried about their interview- don't be! Just make sure you know stuff like how long basic training is, where phase two training is, make sure you're able to portray why you want to join in a positive manner. That's about it, it's quite fun really!

    He did say afterwards that his one concern is that i'm 'quite slight'. I'm not that big, but i'd say about average lady-size. I'm stronger than i look though after years of weights and push ups and suchlike. I might post again soon with medical queries!
  2. Congratulations, I remember my interview for the reserves, had a good laugh with the chief doing it and put me at ease. They're not there to drive you away but to check you're the right material.

    Have you decided on which branch to join?
  3. Love your Avatar , dont tell em Pike , Classic , :lol:
  4. Hi, i'm joining as a Stoker (if they want me!).

    Yeah, i realise now that of course they will always want people with good attitudes to join, they couldn't possibly want to turn me away if they offered me the interview in the first place. Nerves make you unreasonalble though!
  5. Congrats Snapdragon. Now you need to grow a hairy arse and a prediliction for swarfega!
  6. and get quite **** about butter positioning....
  7. oops i said butter and **** in the same sentence...
  8. thats ok tho cos rosina said arse and swarfega in the same sentence....

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