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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by samo_15, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon lads. Been looking at a lot of information on the royal marines recently and have a few questions?

    Does anyone know the pass rate of the commandos and officers once on their 32 week training course? I've also heard it's about 20 out of 30 for people takking their pre training fitness test is that around the correct figure?

    Thanks for any help, take care!
  2. Apparently the pass rate is 0.01%
    Well, according to the adverts, that is :)

    The only pass rate you need to think about is your own, surely?
    Don't think about the rate of failure until you look back at the end of your Passing Out Parade and try to remember those that joined up with you.
  3. good point well mad mate! Always wondered if only the 1% made it from the begining of training till the end!?
  4. for every person that passes,7 fail....

    its only a should encourage people to step up there game.
  5. **** encouragment, they force you to :rambo:
  6. Best way to view training is to make sure you keep on top of your game and survive as an original if that is your goal, there is no shame in being backtrooped
  7. (My Bold)
    That there is one of the best bits of advice you will get.
    Get over the illusion that there is anything wrong with being back trooped.
    The end result is what matters.
  8. Sorry to bring a thread back to life, but with regards to back trooping can you explain what that is?
  9. Exactly what is says.

    Troop one Starts training.
    Two weeks later, Troop Two starts training.
    Troop three starts a fortnight later and so on and so on.

    You are in Troop One, and fail an exam (of whatever type). You practice in your own time yet fail it again.

    You get Back Trooped into Troop Two (which gives you more time to practice) and pass the exam.

    Two months later, you get injured on Exercise Moral Outrage and end up in Troop fifteen, which you pass out with.

    VERY simplified but there it is :)
  10. LOL fair enough, for some reason I thought there was more to it that that. Thanks for the info.
  11. There is only one failure you should be counting on avoiding. Once you've cancelled that one out of your head you've made it.
  12. Have you been through training? I get a clear impression from other threads that you haven't?
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. SPB that photo of me was for your bunkspace and not for publication, you won't be receiving the latest one of me in Desert Cam chaps and nipple clamps!
    As for the original question, my troop began training with 43 IIRC (On the high side, would have been 44 but one guy got straight back on the train when the Drill Instructor started shouting at us to "Shift yourselves up those steps...well what are you waiting for an invitation.... MOVE!" ) and we ended up passing out with 28, that includes 4 back trooped men. You do the math.
    The 99% per cent ad implies of course that the majority don't even reach Lympstone, but are funneled off to the Brigade of Guards or RAF Regiment.
    Now of course non hackers can join the Rifles and be a 'Commando'
  15. But he's read a few threads and BOTH of Preece's books, don't that count!!??
    He's been told to pull his head in but he's Welsh so obviously the message needs some positive reinforcement.
    "Oi,Mikey Boi... Shut it you @#!$"
  16. Ive been given the impression that few people actually fail because they cant complete the run, but more opt out because they cant deal with the life style/being shouted at, or though injury.

    Is this correct? I get the impression that if your struggling you get back trooped, is there a limit to the number of times they will back troop you? Or can I spend my 22 years at Lympstone? :p
  17. This is even more of a simplification than the answer Lamri gave. I'm interested to know what "...the run..." is! Staying with that theme, almost all (non-injured) Rcts get at least 2 attempts at any criterion test with his original Tp. After this the well tried, tested and effective back-trooping, treatment & rehabilitation system comes into play. Despite his lack of first hand knowledge, m_b is actually correct in that most Rcts would want to stay with their original Tp but many back troopers will continue to work hard and complete training with their new troop. Others, sadly, lose their motivation and will either become "permanent Staff" in Hunter Coy, or eventually opt out or be discharged; Med or Unsuitable. My personal experience is that if a man is back trooped, uninjured, 3 times or more he is unlikely to pass out and that injured men may be in rehab for up to 16 months.

    As for the rest of your question, yes of course many people leave because they can't deal with the life style (discipline, both imposed and self-imposed), would you expect anything else to happen?

    As has been said many times, to many people, by many members all you need to know is that there is a system, it works for most and it won't be needed by you because you are focussed on passing not on the options for failure before you even start!

  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For what it's worth pass rates at PRMC have recently improved.

    This doesn't mean it's any easier or the odds of passing are increased. The reasons are most likely due to candidates undergoing a Royal Marines Acquaint Day (RMAD) at the nearest RMR unit to give them a true appraisal of their potential to pass or in identifying the areas that need further development. In other words people are better informed & now realise that if they don't fully prepare, they will most definitely fail, likewise the AFCO will not let you go until they believe you have a good chance of passing.

    The majority of people do not pass out with the same Recruit Troop they initially joined from the outset in part due to lack of solid preparation beforehand, but much more often it's just a case of bad luck through injury or illness.
  19. By the run I mean a particular part of physical training, like (what I think is called) 'Running Man', few people actually fail that and are then out on their ear.
    Its more people losing heart, and i find that encouraging in a way.
  20. Started with a Squad of 68 [unusually high number]. Finished with less than 20.

    Failures ranged from a good guy who was discovered to have his heart on the right side of his chest [no shit], to genuine injuries and on to various non-hackers who were 'encouraged' to leave. Squad behind mine lost a guy to a stabbing incident - still remember that clear lower-decks, final kit-muster and auction. First time I had ever been to one and I was amazed at seeing the lad's kit being auctioned off; training-staff, officers, recruits all bidding on items and then throwing them back into the pile to be sold again. Really brought home to me then how The Corps operates.

    Final six weeks is the danger zone - bodies and strength are usually worn down and most recruits are running on adrenaline and grit and not much else - just in time for the Commando Tests :thumright:

    As for there being no shame in being back-trooped................ I will bite my tongue :bball:


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