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I just received this book in the post and completed the Navy test within. Just wanted to know if this a genuine Navy RT. I got 2-3 wrong in each section (should of been 1-2) and i completed each section with several minutes left. Are all navy test simlar to the one included in this book. Also was my score good enough for AET? Finally where can i get some more sample RT tests?


Just use the example booklet the AFCO sent you. You might want to brush up on your math skills, just stuff like adding and multiplying fractions and decimals. Do make sure you can add and subtract quickly because time is short.

From what I can remember, AET requires a high score on the RT test. I'm sure Ninja will be able to tell you.


I looked at the booklet that arrives in the post and the example questions are really really easy. Just need a rough idea on how diffcult the test will be. Like i said time shouldn't be a problem if the questions are similar to the ones in the book i purchased as i had 2-3 mins left per section.


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The advice given in the previous thread remains extant.

Be aware you need to be able to complete 30 non-verbal reasoning questions in 9 mins, likewise 30 verbal reasoning q's in 9 mins, 30 mathematics q's in 16 mins & 30 mechanical comprehension q's in 10 mins.

Odds are if you have several minutes left at the end of a section, then maybe the questions aren't representative of the RN Recruiting Test. Each of thev 3 services have different types of psychometric test.

Either way good luck.

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